CEEB is today a reality that began more than forty years ago. Specifically, in 1977, a group of schools decided to organize Barcelona school sports breaking a dictatorial period where Falange Española was the organizing subject of school sports competition until then.

This is how the Catalan Institute of Physical Education and School Sports was born. Specifically, in 1978 it was formally constituted, made up of a handful of schools and educational centers, some of them already disappeared: Escolapis de Sarrià, Escola Aula, Jesús-Maria Claudina Thévenet, CN Pare Poveda, AE La Jota, ETP Clot, FAPAC, Escola Casp, La Salle Gracia, Escola Viaró, CN Caixa de Pensions, CN Pere Vila, Escola Salesians de Sant Josep, Sagrat Cor Diputació, CN Torres y Bages, Col·legi Companyia de Santa Teresa, CN Seguidilla, Bosco Meridiana, Col·legi Sant Miquel, CN La Muñeira, CN Cardenal Cisneros, Corazonistas, EPP Diputació, Pare Manyanet, Col·legi-Academia Alpe, La Fragua, La Salle Bonanova, Scala Dei, CN Mio Cid, AE La Sardana, Col·legi Claret, Sagrat Cor Vallvidrera, IPSI, Llars Mundet, Sant Medir, Escola Virolai, Sant Josep Oriol, La Salle Congrés, Betània Patmos, Jesús Maria Sant Gervasi, Sant Ignasi, Estudios Generales Luis Vives, La Salle Comtal, Sant Gabriel, Sant Adrià, Acadèmia Avellaneda, Escola Formació YA Girona, ENB Joanot Martorell, Liceu Francès, Escoles franceses, J. Thalabot, Sant Estanislau de Kostka, Escola Lestonnac, CN Pérez Sala, Federació INP, CE Voramar and Federació de pares d’alumnes d’EGB. First CEEB headquarters were in Llúria street (Barcelona), ​​in a place donated by Juventudes Carmelitas.

Subsequently, the ICEFEE became the CEEB (Consell de l’Esport Escolar de Barcelona) and officially registered with the recently created Secretaria General de l’Esport on December the 8th of 1981. From the beginning, CEEB vocation and purpose still the same: organizing and promoting sports practice within Barcelona school context, ​​prioritizing educational and training sports values beyond its competitive dynamics. Never resigning, CEEB have always bet for sports as a tool for growth and values transmission for boys and girls.

At the start of the 90s, CEEB adapted its statutes to the Generalitat sports councils regulatory decree. CEEB specificity is evident is defined in the decree pages as an organization recognized as the entity which regulates Barcelona extracurricular sports activities. It was October the 8th of 1990. Since then, CEEB has grown exponentially through last two presidents: Joan Durà and -since 2008- Jaume Mora, who has given a boost to CEEB together with his board of directors and his work team.

CEEB growth and its true dimension couldn’t be explained without the Foundation. It was initially conceived, in 1999, as an instrument to facilitate sponsorships and support, offering a more favorable tax treatment to different entities and companies. Fundació privada per l’Esport i l’Educació de Barcelona was established on July the 22th of 1999. During first months, FEEB served different school profiles having not remarkable results. In 2007 everything changes. FEEB begins to develop socially-based sports activities, giving an approach to highly vulnerable city sectors. It is sport in its purest form as a facilitating element for children and young people integration. Also as a self-esteem and a cultural engine among those who need it the most. Nowadays, the new FEEB manages a city council program named Convivim Esportivament and based on a four-years-work experience through a summer social program called Estiu Fantàstic. Thanks to this program, thousand of families with not enough resources have access to quality sports practice during summer vacation.

In september of 2010 there is a fact to highlight. CEEB change its headquarters. The organization leaves its historic context -at Maignon street- and moves to its actual home: CEM La Mar Bella.

Barcelona city council agreement has allowed CEEB and FEEB to become the main operator of this sports facilities which multiply its potentialities and transform our organization in what today still is: the house of school sports in Barcelona. CEM La Mar Bella is vital and group different sports entities that carry out their practice on a regular basis. It is already a benchmark and a point of sporting polarity in Barcelona. To sum up, La Mar Bella facilities are the sports jump from the 20th to the 21st century.

Can Font and ADIA are also essential to our organization. Can Font is our summer camp and, consequently, the city schools summer camp. Located in a privileged environment, in Brunyola (La Selva), its a recommended place to school, family or friend groups beyond simple accomodation. Visitor has acces to a wide sports and nature program. Brunyola was first owned by CEEB and after that by FEEB. Both entities took up what AE Eixample had been managing until then. In this sense, Brunyola is an important part of FEEB since 2009.

Finally, ADIA (Association for the Development of Children in Africa), became the NGO of our organization in 2012. It was born 15 years ago in Cerdanyola del Vallès implementing chilhood support programs (especially malnourished boys and girls from 0 to 5 years old from ethiopian Tigray region). For this reason, CEEB takes on a global commitment profile that gives a much broader and a more sensitive responsability character to help childhood. ADIA was the missing piece and now the CEEB group is complete!

It’s an obvious fact that for our organization: show must go on! We have new projects -ambitious some of them- and we never ever stop! International Sociological Observatory of Sports, for instance, is a platform to project internationally our own essence and gain a broader cultural relationship around the globe.

Definately, there is a way to express what we are and which is our main goal:

To serve sport and use it so that young people can grow up in a better framework and supported by a more resistant foundation.

This is the philosophy that permeates our work and its the permanent reference to all of us.

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