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New CEEB season coming soon with a huge school sports activity program

September 8, 2022
New season means news sports program More info coming soon! Have you rechard batteries? We do! Consell de l’Esport Escolar de Barcelona has restart school sports working tasks after a grateful summer to offer a great season. Let’s handle together this 2022-23 course which is coming full of fun. All the school sporties, team or individual, soccer or gymnastics, basketball or handball players, swimmers or skaters… Doesn’t matter which discipline you practice! CEEB has come back to the field and is returning in force to celebrate a huge new season plenty of sports. More data coming soon!  Þ

CEEB closing meeting: a face-to-face tribute to historical personalities

July 5, 2022
An awards party celebrated at waterfront La Mar Bella sports complex CEEB recognized sports historical figures belonging to this organization Final meeting of this season was celebrated by Consell de l’Esport Escolar de Barcelona as a main tribute to these local personalities that have been a barcelonian school sports landmark during the last decades and those who have passed away because of the pandemic. Last Wednesday the 29th of June, La Mar Bella sports complex held the usual season meeting to close this 2021-2022 edition. Most of all, the main new about this new CEEB dinner is that we have reclaimed presentiality after two years full of difficulties.  Þ Have a good summer and thanks for joining us! Photo album (Tomas Tyrpekl, TT Fotos)

CEEBs first Suma’t multi-sports party brings more than 2000 participants

June 14, 2022
La Mar Bella complex held a full of sports, workshops and awards journey CEEB concentrated a closing season multi-sports event in one morning More than 2000 participants enjoyed the first Suma’t journey, celebrated by Consell de l’Esport Escolar de Barcelona last Sunday the 29th of May at La Mar Bella sports complex! Suma’t -an athletics journey developed 5 years ago where families could participate too- has become a great multi-sports event full of team sports matches, an open volley activity, an all ages race, an artistic gymnastics playfull meeting and a play area with some inflatables. At the end, CEEB also took advantatge to celebrate an athletics and gymnastics awards ceremony. Finally, CEEB wants to thanks technics, people and partnerts involvement such as Wala, Aigües de Barcelona, Peras Rincón de Soto, Llet Nostra, Cavall Fort, Plátanos de Canarias, Parc del Tibidabo, Instituts Odontològics, Lexia Sport CIATE, Superacció and the essential drive of Ajuntament de Barcelona and Generalitat de Catalunya because they make CEEB possible.  Þ Photo album (TT Fotos, Sara Macchiavelli)

CEEBs sporting season starts including some important news

October 20, 2021
Last season was complicated for CEEB. The organization returns to the starting point now. Its a special moment for everyone who is part of CEEB. The 2021-22 edition of the sporting season begins after a restricted one due to the pandemic. We actually bring back normalcy from next Friday the 22 of October. Don’t miss our school sports news!  Þ   More information Esportiva’t

Wala official balls back to the field this season

September 23, 2021
Consell de l’Esport Escolar de Barcelona keep official ball regulations facing all regular leagues. This season, Wala balls are still mandatory in every CEEB match. Furthermore, Wala Shop has all necessary material to provide school and club teams within the usual terms and delivery dates. CEEBs goal consists in streamline the Walla balls acquisition process by schools and other institutions. We recommend to order as soon as possible through the following link. For any questions you can contact us sending an email to  Þ WALA SHOP

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