Last registrations to take part in the team sports competition Copa CEEB 2022

November 10, 2021
All those school sport players who haven’t registered yet, still can do it. Last inscription date is next friday, the 5th of November. Its necessary to process registration through CEEBs website application. Then you will be able to participate in the main team sports event of this season: Copa CEEB. This competition is oriented to basketball, soccer, handball and voleyball players of benjamin and juvenile categories. Must remind that finals and semifinals are taking place at La Mar Bella sports hall different weekends: the 11th and 12th of December and the 15th and 16th of January. As an innovation, last competition journeys will be broadcasted live through CEEBs Youtube Channel.  Þ More information

Warming up the engines in the face of “Escoles Esportives” first meeting of this season

November 9, 2021
CEEB iniciates the new Escoles Esportives season with a big journey. Its celebrating at La Mar Bella sports complex next Saturday the 20th of November. All kid groups born between 2015 and 2014 -traditionally known as “Menuts and Menudets”- will learn some basic tools about main team sports disciplines such as soccer and basketball. Lexia Sport Ciate members will be educating school participants at La Mar Bella sports hall. For more details users can click the following options. We hope you enjoy Escoles Esportives meeting. Have a good and healthy season!  Þ More information Inscriptions

CEEBs sporting season starts including some important news

October 20, 2021
Last season was complicated for CEEB. The organization returns to the starting point now. Its a special moment for everyone who is part of CEEB. The 2021-22 edition of the sporting season begins after a restricted one due to the pandemic. We actually bring back normalcy from next Friday the 22 of October. Don’t miss our school sports news!  Þ   More information Esportiva’t

Pilar Villanova Tournament (2021 Edition): the starting signal for this season

October 19, 2021
Pilar Villanova Tournament has come! Its the first official competition of the season. A sports journey celebrated last Saturday, the 16 of October at La Mar Bella Sports Complex. Pilar Villanova has anticipated CEEBs regular season. For this reason, its our sports starting signal facing the 2021-22 edition. This year, there are some basketball, volleyball, soccer 5 and handball competition teams for the young category. This tournament is devoted to an historical character linked to the CEEBs basketball comitte. Pilar Villanova has a huge career committed to femenine basketball. Specially at Club Joventut Badalona.  Þ More information

Wala official balls back to the field this season

September 23, 2021
Consell de l’Esport Escolar de Barcelona keep official ball regulations facing all regular leagues. This season, Wala balls are still mandatory in every CEEB match. Furthermore, Wala Shop has all necessary material to provide school and club teams within the usual terms and delivery dates. CEEBs goal consists in streamline the Walla balls acquisition process by schools and other institutions. We recommend to order as soon as possible through the following link. For any questions you can contact us sending an email to  Þ WALA SHOP

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